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Gemadept attended The 2024 Vietnam ESG Investor Conference: Moving towards a sustainable future through strategic cooperation, creativity, and collaboration

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With the topic of ‘Building a sustainable future for Vietnam”, the 2024 Vietnam ESG Investor Conference opens important conversations about sustainability and the plans to lead Vietnam to Net-Zero Emission by 2050.

On 16-17/5/2024 Gemadept’s representatives joined “The 2024 Vietnam ESG Investor Conference”, organized by Raise Partners and Vietnam Innovators by Vietcetera, with main sponsors from Vietnam Holding and Dynam Capital. The conference is an important milestone for Vietnam’s sustainable growth.

This is the second conference that was held with the purpose of connecting investors, leaders from top organizations from research and non-governmental organizations in Vietnam or foreign. The conference aims to promote Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) projects, thereby building a resilient, inclusive, and prosperous Vietnam future.

The conference had many in-depth speeches relating to sustainable development in Vietnam. Most notable speech was from Ms. Ha Thu Thanh, Chairwoman of the Vietnam Institute of Directors, emphasizing the need to build investment infrastructure to attract capital to carbon emission reduction activities.

Ms. Ha Thu Thanh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Institute of Vietnam Board of Directors. | Source: Vietcetera

The next speech was from Mr. Tim Evans, CEO of HSBC Vietnam. He said that an effective energy transition roadmap requires the cooperation of both the public and private sectors to achieve the target of net zero by 2050, and affirmed HSBC's commitment to supporting the government and Vietnamese company.

At the discussion session on the topic: 'Financial Institutions in promoting Green capital market and Social Development', Gemadept representatives shared about the Company's strong commitments to the Sustainable Development Strategy, while simultaneously emphasizing the role of the Board of Management in creating a sustainable culture within the organization, associated with commitment to environmental protection, social responsibility, and governance.

To ensure the practicality and effectiveness in the green transformation process, Gemadept has taken specific steps in inventorying and reporting greenhouse gas emissions at the ports, and building a roadmap to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: apply modern technology, optimize operating efficiency, and be environmentally friendly, shifting the use of renewable energy and reforestation initiatives, etc.

In addition, the company continues to increase governance efficiency, contributing to promoting economic flow, and making practical contributions to community and social development.

Representative of Gemadept Company presenting at topic discussion on ‘Financial Institutions and Catalyzing Climate Transition and Social Development Capital’

Therefore, representatives of international organizations recognized the efforts of Gemadept and the Vietnamese business community in the sustainable development journey, emphasizing the importance of sustainable supply chains to elevate Vietnam's position internationally.

Mr. Craig Martin, Chairman of Dynam Capital, emphasized the need to invest in modernizing and greening industrial areas and seaports, smart management of ESG facilities, and improving the quality of research and development – as human resources are a necessity for making Vietnam a true manufacturing power and participating more deeply in high-value supply chains globally.

As one of the pioneering enterprises aiming for sustainable development in Vietnam's Port operations and Logistics industry, Gemadept has built a specific sustainable development strategy and roadmap for the mid and long-term periods and is in the process of developing these set goals.

Gemadept continues to pursue the Green Port model, which has been piloted at Dung Quat Port as part of the Company’s Port - Logistics ecosystem, meeting Vietnamese and international standards, contributing to promote the 'Green' supply chains, and accompany the country in building a sustainable economy.



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