Supply Chain
22 DCs
450.000 sqm
DC area
12 Mil CBM
18 TEUs
Delivery and Transportation
350 Tons
Air-cargo Terminal Capacity
50 Pallets
Cold Chain Logicstics

As a leading company in Vietnam, owning and exploiting a chain of integrated logistics infrastructure, Gemadept - Joint ventures with major partners such as CJ Logistics, K' Lines,... - brings optimal and competitive logistics solution for all customers. Gemadept has been honored as the leading enterprise in “Top 10 Prestigious Logistics Companies”.

With thousands square meters of modern and large distribution centers; warehouses along with port systems; investment in various means of transport including road and seaway; application of advanced management software, Gemadept has efficiently operated a supply chain in 6 areas : Air cargo terminal, Distribution center, Project cargo transport, Shipping, Reefer logistics & Car logistics. Annually, Gemadept has handled tons of import-export goods, meet all diversified demand of customers.

Gemadept has made positive contribution to the national economic growth, constantly motivates and inspires many domestic logistics enterprises, Gemadept has created a logistics ecosystem and promotes competitive environment which brings more values to our partners and customers.