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Gemadept and SCSC were jointly honored in Forbes’ Top 50 Best Listed Companies in 2022

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On June 6, 2022, Forbes Vietnam announced the “50 Best Listed Companies" in 2022, including 138 honored businesses. With impressive business results, Gemadept Corporation was honored for the 6th time in the Forbes 50 - 50 Best Listed Companies in 2022. The joy is doubled when Saigon Cargo Services Corporation (SCSC) was also honored for the second time on this list.

In order to select the companies for this list, Forbes Vietnam used the Forbes Company (US) ranking method, taking into account the characteristics of listed companies in Vietnam. The data used for evaluation was based on audited financial statements for 5 consecutive years in the period 2016 – 2021. Forbes Vietnam had considered all stocks listed on the HSX and HNX and arranged them by industry group.

In the preliminary round, companies that are losing money, or in the process of delisting, with market capitalization and revenue of less than 500 billion VND, subsidiaries whose business activities depend on the parent company (were considered) were disqualified.

In the quantitative calculation round, companies were scored according to the following criteria: compound growth rate of revenue, profit, profitability ratio ROE, ROC, and EPS growth for the period 2016 - 2021. The quantitative calculation according to the method of Forbes Vietnam was supported by SSI Securities Corporation.

Next, in the qualitative round, Forbes Vietnam independently considered the level of sustainable development of the business: brand, corporate governance quality, past profits and prospects for sustainable development.

The biggest changes over time are in the financial services, real estate, manufacturing, port operations and logistics sectors, etc. with more and more representatives being on the list. In particular, the Forbes 50 Ranking has 4 representatives from the logistics industry, including the prominent presence of Gemadept Corporation and Saigon Cargo Services Corporation - SCSC (a joint-venture company, affiliated with Gemadept). The structure of enterprises on the list also partly reflects the structure of Vietnam's economy, which is shifting from labor-intensive and raw resource extraction industries to the service and manufacturing sectors with higher intellectual and technical content.



Gemadept is the leading listed company in the port operation and logistics industry in Vietnam, with more than 32 years of steadfastly building the Port - Logistics ecosystem stretching from North to South. Gemadept has set a record in the port industry when bringing Gemalink deep-sea Port in the Cai Mep port area into operation and reached the milestone of 1 million TEUs throughput in the first year of operation. Not just that, the Port was also being recognized as being in the Top 11 most efficient ports in 2021 according to World Bank. Moreover, with flexible decisions in pandemic prevention and business recovery during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the rapid implementation of digitalization in the operation process, the port ecosystem and Gemadept's logistics are always operated with high productivity and efficiency. Combining drastic, flexible, and synchronous solutions with the best efforts to overcome challenges, the Company recorded impressive business results: 3,206 billion VND in revenue - an increase of 23% and 721 billion VND in profit after-tax - an increase of 64% compared to 2020.

The joy was doubled for Gemadept's Board of Directors and staff, when SCSC, a Company in Gemadept's Logistics ecosystem, was honored in the list of 50 listed companies for the second time in a row. listing is most effective. SCSC Airport Cargo Terminal is built according to international standards, applies information technology, and is excellently operated by a highly qualified team, meeting the most stringent requirements of the aviation industry and airlines in the world. Last year, SCSC's return on equity (ROE) averaged an impressive 52.1%, and the air cargo port's capacity was up to 228,000 tons of cargo (up by 8.5% over the previous year of 2020), reaching 133% of the design capacity.

 Gemadept representative and SCSC representatives together at Forbes Vietnam. August 4, 2022.

The year 2022, with intertwined prospects and challenges, will be a 'test' for the stamina, flexibility, and durability of Vietnamese enterprises. Results will come to businesses with a solid foundation, ready to face challenges and seize opportunities. With the trust and companionship of customers, partners, and investors, Gemadept and SCSC have been and will continue to develop potential projects to take advantage of those opportunities. In the seaport sector, Gemadept is actively implementing phase 2 of Nam Dinh Vu Port in Hai Phong and phase 2 of Gemalink deep-sea Port in Cai Mep. When completed, these two big projects will double the Company’s total capacity, equivalent to 6 million TEUs. In the field of air cargo port, SCSC is expanding the terminal capacity from 200,000 tons/year to 350,000 tons/year this year with an investment of about 10 million USD. These are strategic projects that contribute to raising the position of Vietnam's port operation and logistics industry in the international market.




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